The hands behind the pottery...

Steffi Acevedo has a background & education in the arts. She is a ceramic artist based in Ottawa, creating modern handcrafted pieces for everyday use. 

More about Steffi: 

Steffi Acevedo is an Ottawa based visual artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University.

She has explored ceramics, lithography, painting, drawing and sculpture. Her sculptures include site-responsive installations and intervention of space through subtle intrusiveness. Multiplicity is a theme present in many of her works and nature & mineral formations are a constant inspiration for her artwork.

Steffi has shown her work in various places in Montreal & Ottawa including ceramic work at the Art Matters festival, lithographs at Alain Piroir Studio and paintings for the Embassy of Colombia in Ottawa. She has done various commissions around Ottawa for businesses such as Little Ray's Nature Centre and the Southway Inn. One of her collaborations can be found at the Ottawa Hospital (Legacy, 2015). Steffi has ceramic wares at local restaurants & eateries like The SOCA Kitchen and the Merry Dairy. 

Steffi has used her painting skills to paint unique designs on chocolate and she was the resident chocolatier artist at Stubbe Chocolates in Ottawa until 2015.

In addition to her artistic experiences, she has a passion for teaching with 15 years of experience. She was an art teacher & program coordinator at Monart Art School and currently teaches pottery classes at Hintonburg Pottery. 

Currently, Steffi continues to teach, play with clay, and paint while incorporating her art in the Ottawa community.